Customers can visit before they buy

Why 360º video?

Would you buy a car without test-driving it?


Research shows that prospective customers are more likely to purchase if they experience the product with 360º video.

360 videos can go anywhere

We provide you with a turnkey 360º Facebook video & YouTube video ready for upload to your site.

Don't Be A Spectator
Deke Media's use of 360º video to immerse your customers in your event.
Our research-based 360 videos are designed to allow viewers to experience your video.
No special equipment is needed.

What does it take to create a 360-degree video?

Ask the experts about 360º video

Short answer: a place people should experience and a splash of creativity.
Deke Media uses several of the best 360 video cameras on the market,  ensuring the highest quality image to create immersive 360º videos, so your potential clients get your full experience.

What is 360 VR?

Short answer: really, two separate things.
Some folks call it "vr360." To us that sounds like a part number for a 78 Buick.
The way we explain it; Virtual Reality is computer generated through vr production and using special glasses and gloves to put someone "in the game."
Immersive 360º video is actual 5K to 8K video of your location.
We bring our state-of-the-art 360º video cameras, capture LIVE VIDEO of you location process the video to ensure the 360º experience is optimized then edit to tell your story.

Why do we say IMMERSIVE video so much?

Short answer: because it really is.
One of the awesome things about 360º video, it really is like you are standing there!
360º video allows your prospective customers to EXPERIENCE it before they buy.
Whether it is a tourism video, event video, home tour, university tour; these can be experienced through immersive 360º video.
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