What is 360 video?

We bring our state of the art 360 video cameras, capture LIVE VIDEO of you location, process the video to ensure the 360 experience is optimized then edit to tell your story.

Deke Media creates immersive 360º videos and delivers them to you, so you can upload to any digital platform like your YouTube channel or Facebook page.


Your cusotmers will experience you, before they see your competition.

I think we can agree that experience matters.



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Show someone, they won't remember.


When they expereince it, their friends find out.

Your Deke Media, 360º videos are guaranteed to be viewed more and create more engagement with your website than any standard 16x9 video.

Research proves it.

Deke Media's

360-degree videos

Your customers will experience your properties before they get there!

Audio Production

People love a good story, especially when they have the time to listen to it.

Have you thought about building a relationship with your customer by talking with them?

Deke Media can help you develop a podcast to help people get to know you.

Have you thought about radio?

We do it!

We love the challenge of crafting a creative message that creates customers in 30-seconds.

Commercial Video

We will work with you to craft the most effective message to compete for those precious five (really about 2) seconds to catch a viewer's attention, then convert them to clicks...then clients.

We work with you to communicate your story to your potential customers, whether it is a long-form video, broadcast commercial or social media video.

360 Video

Would you buy a car without test-driving it?

Research shows that prospective customers are more likely to purchase if they 360 video video production 360 video video production experience the product.

Deke Media's use of 360 video to immerse your customers in your event. video productionvideo production

Our research-based 360 videos are designed to allow viewers to experience your video.

No special equipment is needed.


We've been telling digital stories for over a decade

In this day of technology; time and creativity are essential.
Your videos need to stand out from everyone elses, and get in front of potential clients as soon as possible.

Don't be left behind.
Deke Media stays on the edge of technology and finds the best way to use it to tell your story.

We were one of the first to tell stories in high-definition and now 360-degree video.


A bit about Deke

Dave Deken loves his family.

He comes from a long line of Eagle Scouts.

Worked in radio for ten years.

Told visual stories on television another ten years.

National Press Photographer Association Video Workshop graduate.

 Nominated for an Emmy.



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